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Places of interest


Places of interest

Tiergarten Nürnberg (Zoological Garden)


Nothing but nature in one of the largest zoos in Europe

A mature stock of trees, idyllic mixed woods and natural landscapes make the Nuremberg zoo one of the most beautiful zoos in Europe. Exotic animals live in harmony right next to a range of local bird species and mammals, and the craggy sandstone rock formations make generous natural enclosures for many animals where they can climb and relax. The new dolphin lagoon with its unique outdoor facilities is a real crowd-puller.

Aqua Park and the Manatee House

Nuremberg Zoo is well-known for its sea cows, the manatees. In the Manatee House (interner Link) these gentle giants can be observed under water. The generous dimensions of this tropical house provide a colourful and diverse environment for sloths, turtles, butterflies, monkeys and numerous tropical plants. Beavers, otters, penguins, sea lions and polar bears are at home in the Aqua Park, an extensive water landscape interrupted by a variety of small islands.

Species protection in Nuremberg Zoo

Zoos are working together worldwide to preserve the zoological diversity of our earth. Keeping animals as much as possible in their natural habitat and feeding and breeding them is aimed at supporting the natural behaviour of animals and facilitating the resettlement of endangered species. Nuremberg Zoo is involved in the European Endangered Species Preservation Programme (EEP) with over 30 animal species, and coordinates the breeding programme for sea cows, white-naped cranes and Malayan tapirs.

Further information on the Zoological Garden of Nuremburg

Dolphin Lagoon in the Zoological Garden Nuremberg

Dolphin Lagoon in the Zoological Garden

The Dolphin Lagoon is a most  impressive 5.3 million litre salt  water  lagoon with a depth of 6  metres and  a

Aqua Park in the Zoological Garden of Nuremberg

Aqua Park in the Zoological Garden

Five extensive free enclosures,  some of the largest in Europe, are a  habitat for Californian sea


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